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The Quality Inspection Capture is an enterprise app that supports PPAP reporting by capturing quality and inspection data. The initial inspection requirements are set up in a web app on the Mobilize-IT middleware/app server and merged with the existing part and operation data from the customers ERP system (job, operation, part no. description, tool, specs, previous sample data). This information is downloaded into the smartphone/tablet app to retrieve and record the inspection information.



Inventory Count is an enterprise app that supports system directed cycle counting and system or user directed physical counting created by the enterprise system (ERP, WMS). The enterprise cycle count/physical count fields are mapped to the Mobilize-IT  count mapping template and the inventory count information is exported to the smartphone/tablet by the Mobilize-IT App server (middleware). The Mobilize-It Inventory Count app allows the user to access the inventory item count tag to verify the existing item information and to record the current count. The completed inventory count information is sent back to the middleware server and stored in the database for importing into the ERP or WMS system via the import/export mapping template.



Inventory Transfer is an enterprise app that offers workers a way to easily move and track inventory from one bin location to another or from one warehouse to another. Inventory can be located by part, lot or location. The app is fast to learn, and connects with virtually all ERP systems so there is not duplicate data.





Time Reporting Plus allows workers to enter and track machine and/or employee time, quantity produced, scrap quantity, scrap code and more… It eliminates the need for printing paper by making shop order information instantly available on a smart phone/tablet. Work orders can be color coded by priority and  workers are alerted when they are approaching or go over their allotted time for production. Elapsed time of the operation is displayed so that the worker can see how much time he has spent working on the operation.




Paperless Shop Packet is an enterprise app that allows workers to display shop order information on low cost Android and iOS devices. Routings, parts, drawings, quality info, set up instructions, video clips and pictures are listed by order number or part and immediate available for display.

By tapping on the screen you can display just about any type of file (e.g., Word, Excel, pdf, pictures) or movie available on your Android or iOS device.



Mobilize-IT Middleware – The middleware server is a full stack open-source JEE application/web server providing an industry leading, robust set of services. The Java-based middleware can run on virtually any operating system and is not locked in to one vendor’s O/S or application server or the expensive licensing that goes with it. The full-stack JEE web application server supports the widest array of choices for data processing and network communication methodologies and protocols. Since it is both a web server and an application server combined, it can serve up web pages as easily as it can perform custom data processing tasks typically implemented via standalone application software.